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Experience and passion for families are strengths that bring clients to the law offices of Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC. With more than 35 years of combined experience, attorneys Rachel Elovitz and Gillian O’Nan have the privilege of guiding many Georgia clients through critical life passages, including divorce, child custody disputes and stepparent adoptions.

We pride ourselves on providing the competent, caring representation for which our law firm is known. We are grateful for the opportunity to help clients move from fear to confidence through necessary processes in domestic relations law dealing with the formation, separation, maintenance, reunification and dissolution of family relationships.

Competence Equals Knowledge And Skills Honed By Experience

A solid foundation in the law is the foundation of a successful law practice. At Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, we stay up to date on changes in the law, court precedents and the impact individual judges have on family court trends.

When you meet with us for a preliminary consultation, we will carefully explore your circumstances and options. When is the right time to take legal action? In which jurisdiction should you file for divorce? Where there are a number of pathways, we will help you choose the right one for your family.

Caring Means Personalized Counsel

Getting to know each client as a person is professionally rewarding. It is also satisfying to witness the power of knowledge in people's lives. If Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, becomes your law firm, you will become part of the family. We look forward to working for you and with you as you make decisions that will help direct your future.

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