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Our attorneys represent clients in all domestic relations actions and have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout Georgia. Our attorneys practice in all of metropolitan Atlanta and the surrounding counties. Our attorneys are skilled at handling all divorce and child custody cases, including high asset divorces and complex custody modifications. Our attorneys are skilled and trained as mediators and Guardians ad Litem.

Family Law With An Emphasis On Families


With more than 60 years of combined experience, attorneys Rachel Elovitz, Regina Edwards, Gillian O’Nan and Austin Buerlein have the privilege of guiding many Georgia clients through critical life passages, from the preparation of prenuptial agreements, to the legitimation of children, the establishment of paternity, marital dissolution, child custody modifications, and stepparent adoption.

Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein's attorneys pride themselves on providing both competent and caring representation. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist clients move from fear to confidence in connection with the formation, separation, maintenance, reunification and dissolution of family relationships.

Competence Equals Knowledge And Skills Honed By Experience

A solid foundation in the law is the foundation of a successful law practice. At Elovitz, Edwards, O'Nan & Buerlein, LLC, we stay current on changes in family law, are well versed in legal precedent, and are familiar with the customs and procedures of the various counties and courts in which we practice.

When you meet with an attorney for a preliminary consultation, your questions will be answered, your concerns heard, your unique circumstances considered, and your legal avenues for relief addressed.

Caring Means Personalized Counsel

Elovitz, Edwards, O’Nan & Buerlein, LLC's attorneys enjoy getting to know their clients and find it incredibly rewarding to witness their transition from confusion to clarity and from concern to confidence through the ingestion of knowledge, compassionate counsel, and reasoned resolution. When Elovitz, Edwards, O'Nan & Buerlein, LLC, becomes your law firm, you will be considered part of the EEOB n family. We look forward to getting to know you and to helping you navigate the legal issues impacting your life in an efficacious and thoughtful way.

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