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About The Attorneys And The Law Practice

At Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, our partners, Rachel Elovitz and Gillian O'Nan, have more than 35 years of combined family law experience. Rachel has been practicing since 1996 and Gillian since 2006. Rachel and Gillian practice family law exclusively. They both left larger firm settings for the sake of creating a more client-oriented practice. Clients appreciate the small-firm feel and individual attention at Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC.

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Handling All Family Law Matters

Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, is a firm devoted exclusively to the practice of domestic relations law, including the preparation of prenuptial agreements, paternity, legitimation, grandparent visitation and stepparent adoption. We are prepared to guide clients through these and other issues, including grandparent visitation, termination of parental rights and dependency (child abuse and neglect) actions.

Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, provides effective, resourceful and responsive representation in a wide range of family-related legal cases, including:

  • Divorce actions, separate maintenance actions, alimony and spousal support actions
  • Child custody and support actions
  • Contempt actions
  • Post-divorce modification and enforcement
  • Adoptions
  • Family violence actions
  • Legitimation actions
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Wills

Compassionate Lawyers

Rachel and Gillian understand that domestic relations cases are saturated with anxiety and emotion. Although divorce and custody cases involve legal processes, they are often edged in human conflict and feelings of rejection, resentment and loss.

Transitioning through these legal corridors calls for the kind of competent and compassionate counsel that Rachel and Gillian provide.

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