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Providing legal representation for families in Metropolitan Atlanta through representation in divorce, custody, & other domestic relations actions and by representing the interests of children in dependency and custody actions and mediating complex domestic relations cases

Child Custody Focused On Children's Well-Being And Parent-Child Relationships

Of all aspects of a separation or divorce, child custody and visitation may have the greatest impact on the future. The outcome of a child custody case greatly affects parent-child relationships and overall family dynamics.

Contact Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, to work with an attorney who will help you stay focused on what really matters most — your children.

How Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, Stands Out By Standing Up For Children In Family Law

Rachel Elovitz and Gillian O'Nan enjoy helping families in times of conflict. They get to see individuals and families get past divorce and move on to new ways of life. The law firm helps parents avoid bitter battles and maximize opportunities that go along with child custody and visitation arrangements. In spite of sadness over a divorce, many parents with child custody orders discover benefits of closer relationships with their children, made possible by more one-on-one time and regular schedules.

Points of pride at Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, include:

  • Personal attention as a priority
  • A strong focus on children's well-being
  • A holistic approach to building viable post-divorce family structures
  • An emphasis on preserving the financial health of families

Other Legal Issues Involving Children

Attorneys of this law firm regularly take on guardian ad litem work, advocating for children's rights. They are active in juvenile court advocacy work. In these cases and in child custody modification cases, the attorneys at Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC, always keep children's best interests in the forefront.

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Bring any child-related issue to our attention. We will gladly review your options with you and advise you on how to pursue the most important goals for your children. Complete our intake form to schedule a consultation with a child custody lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, at Elovitz / O'Nan, LLC.

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